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At Swan DFW, Our Goal is to Provide

Financial Solutions to Help You “Sleep Well At Night”

Just Starting Out
Halfway There
Close to Retirement
Wealth Defense Radio With Hector Hinojosa
(Sleep Well At Night In Dallas Fort Worth)

Whether you are just starting out, are halfway there, or are close to retirement, SWAN DFW is here to help you with financial solutions that are completely customized to you and your family based on your unique situation and goals. As a fiduciary financial planning firm, we are completely transparent about our fees and our approach.

We strive to bring the same financial planning tools and concepts that multimillionaires use to everyone, no matter where they are at in their financial journey. We look forward to working closely with you through the years to help you achieve your financial and retirement dreams.

The Sleep Well At Night Process

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you can’t sleep well at night, you aren’t able to enjoy your life. It is our goal to give you peace with your finances, setting you squarely on a path toward the achievement of your financial and retirement dreams.

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To learn how we can help you turn your retirement dreams into a reality, schedule an appointment with us today!

Financial Solutions

Financial Planning

A financial plan is more than the money; it’s about taking care of your future self, your spouse, and your family.

Wealth Management

Traditional stock and bond portfolios with potential for principal protection and lifetime income.

Social Security

A plan for generating retirement income can maximize Social Security benefits while minimizing income taxes.


Health-licensed and Medicare-certified in order to help you understand your Medicare insurance options.

College Planning

You should expect more than just simplistic, one-size-fits-all college savings strategies from your financial advisor.

Fees & Pricing

We pledge to be completely transparent about our fees. We have three different fee structures to choose from.

Learning Center

At SWAN DFW, we are dedicated to helping you understand important financial principles in order to help you make the best financial decisions possible for yourself and your family. Our goal as a fiduciary financial planning firm is to communicate clearly, provide transparency, and help our clients and our community

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Learning Center

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering working with our firm, you probably have lots of questions. The fact is, you probably have many of the same questions that our clients had when they first started working with us. Browse through our FAQs and then call us!

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Learning Center

Watch Our Videos

As part of our educational mission, we provide videos for those who like to watch them in order to absorb information. Click to watch a market update, or play our animated videos designed to simplify complex financial concepts. 

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Your Host: Hector Hinojosa

Hector Hinojosa, the Wealth Defender, stands guard for your finances every week on Wealth Defense Radio. Be sure to check back weekly for new episodes!