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Wealth Management at SWAN DFW

Wealth management is not about “beating the market” or never experiencing a loss. It is about creating an investment portfolio that is best for your situation and lets you sleep well at night. The ultimate recommendation is driven by your financial needs and psychological ability to withstand the ups and downs of the market.

We employ both active and passive strategies in well-diversified portfolios, depending on what is best for each client. We may also complement a diversified portfolio with strategies that produce reliable lifetime income.

Asset management fees are based upon strategies employed and amount of assets being managed for each household. Current annual advisory fees are 1.00% for all accounts. Learn about our three pricing plan structures: Fees & Pricing

To learn how we can help you turn your retirement dreams into a reality, schedule an appointment with us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with our clients so closely, we’re prepared to field the most common questions. We aim to answer questions we receive most often, helping you arrive at our meeting fully prepared and with a complete understanding of our agenda and what we plan to address.

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Watch Our Videos

Videos are one of our favorite ways to help our clients grasp onto the topics we explain in meetings. With quick, snappy overviews of strategies we implement with our clients, our videos can give you the knowhow and the strength to fight for your future and protect your retirement!

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