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Josh Hinojosa

Investment Advisor Representative (IAR)

Josh Hinojosa has been working in the financial services industry for two years. He holds his Series 65 registration and he is also licensed in life and health insurance in the state of Texas. Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Josh holds both finance and business management degrees from Texas Wesleyan University.

“One of the things I specialize in is retirement planning and helping make sure people don’t outlive their money. I think the reason I chose this career is that it makes a difference in the lives of clients in a way that I can see,” Josh says.

Josh enjoys his role in SWAN DFW, and his father, Hector Hinojosa, is a mentor to him. “We are a small business. We are family owned and run. When you call us, you are calling our phones, you’re not calling us and getting a computer system or getting like a receptionist who will transfer you over. It’s just us giving you personalized service,” he says. “We help create a custom financial plan if a client has no plan. Or we tweak a plan if they do have a plan in place.”

“What I love most about the work we do at SWAN DFW is knowing that clients are better off after we talk to them than they were before we talked to them. We help people feel more comfortable about their future, whatever that looks like for them individually,” Josh says.

Josh is a musician who plays guitar and gives guitar lessons to kids. He plays golf, loves baseball and hockey, and enjoys listening to good podcasts. Very involved in his church and community, Josh says, “The most important thing I do every week is I work at The Hills Church here in Fort Worth leading worship for the youth group of about 300 kids. I plan the music and schedule the student band to make it as student-led as possible. I also am a pitching coach on a home-schooled baseball team here locally.”

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Josh Hinojosa

Investment Advisor Representative (IAR)

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