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Financial Planning at SWAN DFW

The purpose of a financial plan is to provide your roadmap. Your financial plan provides structure and clarity for your current situation, future goals, and how we will get there. Your plan is an essential foundation to making wise financial decisions. It is the first action item of engagement. SWAN DFW cannot provide good advice without a good plan. The plan considers every important financial decision you may be faced with in the future.

Some of the topics incorporated into your financial plan include:
  • Current Income/Expenses
  • Short & Long-Term Goals
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Desired Legacy

The Financial Planning Process

Creating a financial plan may require several meetings and/or emails as we collect information and ask questions to help ensure we understand your situation, goals, and any constraints. As we design the plan, we may contact you for further clarification and/or your input. Once the plan is complete, we review it with you, ensure all is well, and make recommendations for putting the plan into action.

A financial plan is not etched in stone! Situations change, life changes and markets change. A plan should have built in flexibility for change. Consistent monitoring and occasional adjustments are essential for a plan to be effective. A review of your situation and plan will be a central feature of all reviews we will have with you.

The SWAN Process

Our Fees and Pricing Structure: 3 Plans

As a fiduciary financial planning firm, we pledge to be completely transparent about our fees. We have three different fee structures to choose from. Let’s discuss which structure might work best for you.

Comprehensive Financial Plan


  • Financial Goal Setting
  • Psychological & Financial Risk Profiling
  • Cash Flow & Net Worth
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Education & College Planning
  • Retirement & Benefits Planning
  • Portfolio & Investment Analysis
  • Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Estate Planning Review
  • Action Item Checklist
Investment Advisory Services


  • Financial Goal Setting
  • Portfolio & Investment Analysis
  • Custom Built Portfolio Design & Management Based on Your Goals & Constraints
  • On-Going Monitoring, Proactive Advice as Needed
  • Account Reviews as You Want, Not Less Than Annually
Participation Fee


/Account Gains
  • Client must qualify per the state of Texas
  • Plan Implementation
  • Continual updates & adjustments
  • Account aggregation
  • Update meetings as needed
  • Comprehensive review meeting annually
  • Timely & disciplined perspectives to help you ignore the noise and focus on the essential

* Financial planning fee may be discounted or waived with a DFW SWAN investment advisory relationship.

To learn how we can help you turn your retirement dreams into a reality, schedule an appointment with us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with our clients so closely, we’re prepared to field the most common questions. We aim to answer questions we receive most often, helping you arrive at our meeting fully prepared and with a complete understanding of our agenda and what we plan to address.

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Videos are one of our favorite ways to help our clients grasp onto the topics we explain in meetings. With quick, snappy overviews of strategies we implement with our clients, our videos can give you the knowhow and the strength to fight for your future and protect your retirement!

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