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Our Philosophy at SWAN DFW

Communication is paramount to us, as is complete transparency when it comes to costs, thoughts, feelings, and expectations. For that reason, we spell out what you can expect from SWAN DFW and what we expect back from you.

Our Commitment to You
  • We will never recommend a solution without first doing a complete analysis of your situation.
  • We will be totally transparent about costs.
  • There will be no hidden fee surprises.
  • We will give you independent advice on solutions and products, disclosing pros/cons, costs, and any conflicts of interest.
Our Expectations of You
  • You will be open and share concerns, fears, anxieties, or questions you have.
  • You will respond to our communication in a timely manner.
  • You will implement the plan and we will tweak it as needed.

Investment Philosophies

  • The “probability of success” is the cornerstone of the plan. A plan will be implemented once it has a minimum of an 85% probability of success over 1000 different market scenarios.
  • Our investment decisions should be goal-focused and planning driven (not market or performance driven).
  • Risk isn’t fluctuation. Risk is the probability we won’t achieve our goals – and that is the only risk we consider.
  • A robust portfolio is low-cost, tax-efficient, and diversified across many asset classes.
  • The short-term performance of a benchmark (index) is irrelevant to an investor’s long-term success, and yet it is short-term fluctuations that people react to.
  • Investor behavior (choices and reactions) has the greatest impact on the long-term success of a portfolio.

Swan DFW Financial Solutions Team

Hector Hinojosa, CFP®


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